Thu, 14 Nov 2019
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Who and why wants to convince the world Uzbekistan is a terrorist country?
“Uzbekistan Has Become an Increasingly Important Source of Recruits for ISIS”, ‘ISIS lives forever’: Uzbek man, 29, who killed eight and injured 15”, “Where is Uzbekistan? Why young men from this Asian country keep threatening the U.S. and Europe”, “Uzbekistan's links to global terror” 
These are headlines from headlines from different world media after NYC terror attack, where 29-year-old Uzbek national, on truck entered a bike path in lower Manhattan and drove over cyclists and pedestrians.
It is an undoubted fact that this man, Sayfullo Saipov lived in Uzbekistan seven years ago. But here the main point is that he emigrated to the United States seven years ago, that means seven years has been in American society. He was recently living in New Jersey and driving for Uber. And suddenly he decides to drive over people.
After very short time of this attack, there have been found his connections to ISIS. Several notes, written in Arabic, stating the attack had been carried out in the name of ISIS were found inside the truck, according to police sources. One note, which he left in the wrecked Home Depot truck, translated to "ISIS lives forever". 
Ok, maybe these are facts. Maybe be not. Maybe he was just drunk and could not control himself. Maybe he was under the influence of drugs which is very normal for US society. We do not know.
But the fact is there is a big project that wants to convince the world Uzbekistan is a terrorist country. Not agree? Recently Abdurasul Juraboev, 27 also former Uzbek citizen emigrated to US was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for plotting terrorist acts. You know why? According to investigations, “He had plans to shoot President Obama, bomb Coney Island”. Funny? The most interesting is not even this. He was arrested in 2015, when it started to become clear that ISIS would not live long in Middle East.
And for the Washington that uses ISIS and other terrorist groups as instruments to advance its imperium, raping and destroying one nation after another there appeared necessity to find new residence for ISIS terrorists. As the only but the best choice had been chosen Afghanistan. But there was sureness that they could get “residence” in Afghanistan for very short time, because local political groups would not allow the new player to enter Afghan stage. The next possible target was chosen Central Asia, but the question was creating a link. The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, (IMU) a terrorist group with just dozen members but with “internationally known trademark” was the only bridge that could be used to enter the Central Asian lands.
In 2015, after arrest of Abdurasul Juraboev, the leading world media wrote about the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, that the IMU pledged support to ISIS. After Russian involvement in the Syrian War, the plan to shift ISIS had to be applied to life, otherwise “such big project could be lost”. But as it was stated above, Afghan lands were not very welcoming for the unwilling guests. Therefore, the spread of “Uzbek terror stories” has become the second phase of the plan. Uzbekistan has been set as the target. In September 2016 Islam Karimov died and Shavkat Mirziyoyev has become the new President of Uzbekistan.
From the first days of his Presidency, the steps he has taken have shown that Central Asia may become one fist with close friendly ties, relations with Russia and China will have priority after neighboring countries, not even hint of alliance with other world powers.
And then it started: ISIS began to use Uzbek names in all attacks that it claimed responsibility. Remember Istanbul and Stockholm attacks during the last year. After each, the phrase “Uzbek terror” has been used in almost all headlines of media. Sometimes the international newspapers denied their own ideas in their materials like “punishments for extremism are harsh in the country that why the emigrants commit terror in the countries where they move”.
It is becoming clear that US want to convince the world Uzbekistan is a terrorist country. Reasons for this they have more than enough: raising role of Russia and China in the Republic, Uzbekistan’s active role in regional political scene, disappearing of all local misunderstandings in short period. Here the “danger” for the USA is formation of united Central Asia that in perspective can solve (with support of other players in the area but Washington) even the problem of Afghanistan, which is used by US as the main means for threatening the world with terrorism.
After New York attack Trump said, “We must not allow ISIS to return, or enter, our country after defeating them in the Middle East and elsewhere. Enough!” These simple words seem to have hidden threat to Uzbekistan like “We already have created reason to invade your country and convinced the world to it. And if you do not be close friends with us, you will have problems”.
PS: The recent Las Vegas attack where 59 people were killed and 527 people have been injured (attack by Stephen Paddock, a white American man, with easy access to guns, therefore poses a greater threat to Americans' safety than "Muslims, immigrants, or even Islamic militants) was not classified as terrorism.
Dilmurod Jumaboyev,
2.11.2017 - Hit : 2129

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