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Europea Union At Hard Times
When we remark about the future of the European Union (EU) according to the recent events, we should mention primarily from the existence of problems. These problems are economic crisis and the lack of support to the European Union. With its 500 million populations, EU is the third largest political unit of the world. Naturally, this population requires big responsibilities. The EU national leaders ignore EU’s decisions rather than their national interest and profits. Over the last three years, we have faced the worst economic crisis and recession in the world since the 1930s. As were many crises that affected the world, many researches and various comments have been made on this crisis too. Here is a list of some reasons that generally take place in these researches. The first reason was the slump of Greece, following some countries such as Ireland and Spain. The second reason was badly built-up of banks. There was not any law that capital principles, reserves, and credit rates regulate. What is the lack of support to the European Union? Euro-zone is more important for EU but some countries have chosen to the option of opt-out years ago. So Euro and Euro-Zone is a requirement for unity and organization.
The Last Decision about EU
The oncoming 2014 is a watershed for the parliamentary elections. EU countries came to an agreement over the European Union’s period of 2014-2020 involved in budget with European Parliament. Concerning with this improvement, President of European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso said, “I pleasured off explain that we came to an agreement to prospective over the European Union’s budget. The EU might calm down to economically with the improvement.” With its 28 members, EU might try to accept more members in the future. Many countries can be a carpet to accrete some countries such Turkey, Switzerland, and some countries in the Balkans. There is a requirement for flexibility and expansion to conformance in competitive conditions of the world.
Powerful Germany, Powerless Union
The word “Powerful Germany, Powerless Union” is prejudiced by some readers. I can express to win over this prejudgment. It is a reality that Germany is an arbiter to both the Union and the Parliament. According to some authors, economy is more important rather than democracy. Nevertheless, some authors say that policy is more important rather than economy. As for some political scientist like Ibn Khaldun states that economy and policy are interdependent for democracy. I agree with Ibni Khaldun. If only economic improvement takes into account, EU and liberal democracy might be effective. Germany shows this influence in some recent events in the Union. Today, some countries (non-membership of EU) were affected from the membership of the powerful Germany. But Germany objects to the membership of Turkey because of population of Turkey. So Germany considers that it will share its seat in the future on account of the population.
Without United Kingdom, Without United Union
What does United Kingdom (UK) think about the self-membership of European Union? It is a complicated question, yet there is a question to have to be answered. There is no doubt that the coming elections of UK will respond it. But then I can envisage some improvements. Firstly, Prime Minister of England David Cameron will hold a referendum on England soon. But British people does just not want to leave EU. The United Kingdom is a unity in the Union and includes many nations, ethnic groups, and religions. If UK leave EU, it might reach a bad end. To my feelings, UK will not leave EU that will support it economically and politically.
As Nobel Prize European Union
As you know, EU is a project of peace, so the work for peace is for both the continent and all of world. It succeeds partly this one. EU won a Nobel Prize in 2012, and it takes precautions as a peacemaker and peaceful keeping force. It was important to take necessary precautions. It currently works for peace in Egypt. Similarly, it will be important for the countries rather than economic or military organizations. In addition, it will attach importance for the Balkans. It will be a decision maker after the improvements. The Nobel Prize keeps on impressing European Union. I believe that this influence is not a flash in the pan.
Another reason is EU’s interests on the Kurdish Issue of Turkey and the protests of the Gezi Parkı. In addition, It really looks forward to see the presence of Syrian people. USA and Russia could not reach a decision on Syria; it will be difficult to reach an agreement. It may tread the boards about Syria. If it shows neutral, Kremlin may revise self-decision about the president of Syria; I believe that it is possible. Besides, many pipelines will establish between Kremlin and European Union and it will provide peace.
It should note that EU’s decision makers take an important decision on Treaty of Lisbon. The post Lisbon era and the other regulations will shape the future of Europe. With the words of Haas, “the process whereby political actors in several distinct national settings are persuaded to shift their loyalties, expectations and political activities toward a new centre, whose institutions possess or demand jurisdiction over the preexisting national states. The end result of a process of political integration is a new political community, superimposed over the pre-existing ones”. I think it is possible, and European Union will transform ‘United States of Europe’.
Şahin KESKIN, Analyst, Strategic Outlook
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