Mon, 24 Feb 2020
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Muslim Turkish Minority in Western Thrace
The great effort Mustafa Kemal showed and the mutual trust coming with the Treaty of Lausanne affected Turkish-Greek relations positively and ushered to the stability to be supplied in the Balkans but this period didn’t last long. Western Thrace where 90% of the population became Muslim Turkish with the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 remained in Greece borders. Western Thrace is in the north-east of Greece and is covered with Evros River in the east, Macedonia in the west, Bulgaria in the north and Aegean Sea in the south. Western Thrace is composed of Alexandroupoli, Komotini and Xanthi cities. Turkish commission expressed there were 150.000 Turkish in the western Thrace in Lausanne Conference. According to this number if we consider the birth rate as measure, in western Thrace there must be a million Turkish. The number of people who became Turkish citizens by immigrating to Turkey from western Thrace is about 800.000 today. The decision of closing all associations belonging to Turkish by Greece High Court’s reason of that no Turkish existed there is the most obvious proof of that our nation is underestimated there. 

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