Mon, 24 Feb 2020
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Dogukan Cansin KARAKUS
International Relations

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Dogukan Cansin Karakus studied Sport at the University of Kirikkale in Turkey (2002-2006). His Bachelor’s thesis provided a quantitative, empirical research on the working conditions of the staff at the Turkish Ministry of Sports at Ankara. He pursued a second course of study in Political Science at the “Freie Universität Berlin” (Otto-Suhr-Institute: 2008-2011). He wrote his Bachelor’s thesis on Turkey’s and Spain’s minority policies. He pursued his studies at the University of Göttingen, where he obtained his Master’s degree in 2014. He wrote his Master’s thesis on the subject of institutional peace and conflict research (civil wars in Bosnia, Kosovo, Liberia and Sierra Leone). He is a member of the Ernst-Reuter-Foundation for Advanced Study (Freie Universität Berlin) and of “Strategic Outlook” (think-tank).
His centers of interest include peace and conflict studies, armed conflict and civil wars, Middle East issues, United Nations/NATO/ECOWAS/Arab League and humanitarian interventions, Turkey, minority rights, regional security organizations.
He speaks Turkish, German and English. He also has some basic knowledge of Spanish.

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