Mon, 24 Feb 2020
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Analyst on International Law

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Mehmet Emin Erendor had graduated from the University of Kırıkkale in the department of International Relations in Turkey. After his bachelor degree, he went to the UK for master education and he graduated from the University of Sussex in the department of International Law: Rights and Responsibility with the Merit Degree. He studied "Humanitarian Intervention" in his master degree. He has completed his PhD education in the University of Southampton in the School of Business and Law. His PhD topic was “An Analysis of Threat Perceptions: Combating Cyber Terrorism: The Policies of NATO and Turkey, Evaluated Using Game Theory in the Context of International Law”. He will begin his job at the University of Çukurova in Turkey when his assignment process is complete.
He is interested to the following areas; International Law, Terrorism, Cyber Terrorism, International Organizations, Security, Human Rights, Humanitarian Intervention, Information Technology and Ethnic/Regional Conflicts.

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