Mon, 24 Feb 2020
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Tiago Ferreira LOPES
Analyst on Caucasus and Middle Asia

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Tiago Ferreira Lopes has a degree in Media Studies (2008, ESTA-IPT, Portugal) and a PhD in International Relations (2013, ISCSP-UTL, Portugal). Tiago Ferreira Lopes is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts at Institute of Business and Administration (Karachi, Pakistan). Tiago is also Cross-Cultural Ambassador of the UNESCO Club at Sorbonne University (Paris, France) and Senior Ambassador for the Youth to Youth Action Hub (Vilnius, Lithuania).
As a researcher focused on transitology and ethnonationalism, Tiago works with several research centers, institutes and think tanks like: Orient Institute (Lisbon University, Portugal); State Building and Fragility Monitor (Lisbon University, Portugal); Euro-Atlantic Diplomacy Association (Lisbon Portugal); Strategic Outlook (Konya, Turkey); WikiStrat (Washington, USA); Sustainable Leadership Initiative (Mumbai, India); Think Tank of the Youth Association for a Greater Europe (Paris, France); Euro-Atlantic! think.act.lead (Bratislava, Slovakia).
In addition, Tiago Ferreira Lopes is also resident-author at PACTA (Lisbon University, Portugal), at MindThis (Ontario, Canada) and at (Médio Tejo, Portugal). Tiago Ferreira Lopes already participated in international events, as a speaker, in Portugal, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States of America. Tiago has proficiency in Portuguese (native language), English, French and Spanish, is learning Russian and knows a little (just a little!) of Turkish and Classic Arabic.

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