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Democracy March: From 3 July 2011 to 15 July 2016
- There will be a Big Democracy March on 7 August 2016 in Turkey. What is happening in Turkey? Do you think that there will be good things in Turkey?
Turkey has experienced many coup since its founding and Turkish citizens were adversely affected by the coup and coup attempts. Along with the coup attempt which was occurred 15 July, people who defended the democracy reacted this coup attempt and Turkish citizens have disposed of the coup attempt. Also when we looked at the coup attempt, there was no too much support by Army. Fetullah Terror Organisation (FETÖ) leader is Fethullah Gülen and he did not achieve what he wants. There have been many developments in Turkey in the last years and in parallel to these developments, many FETÖ members have sacked from their jobs and many of them have admitted their aims in Turkey. These terrorist organisation members have cheated many people of their rights and they came many important places in bureaucracy. With this unfair situation, they have threatened many people’s job and they impeached many people for losing their jobs. Ergenekon and Balyoz cases led to decline in confidence to the military and many military officer were arrested. FETÖ will never pay the right of these people in any time and they are currently serving a sentence of what they did. 
Besides, this terrorist organisation blamed one of the biggest Turkish football team Fenerbahce on 3 July 2011 for match-fixing. The aim was to capture Fenerbahce improve the terrorist organisation’s income and have members from sports fan. But this case, 3 July 2011 match-fixing blame, was a turning point of FETÖ because many Fenerbahce supporters took common action against FETÖ and for the first time terrorist organisation went to the wall. 
In the meantime, many people who worked in the important institutions and government offices faced many conspires. 17/25 December case is a one of the good example of conspiration. With this conspire, many people was blamed and interned by FETÖ members. 
FETÖ has played its last game against public in 15 July 2016 and FETÖ and its members are defeated by President and public. This coup plan or game which FETÖ members set up in their mind that combines Turkish people who have different ideology or ethnic origin. 
The current situation in Turkey is able to increase unity and solidarity of our country and the people who lost their rights and jobs by FETÖ will allow them to withdraw their rights. I support current situation in Turkey and I believe that all FETÖ members will be determined and the institutions in Turkey will be cleaned. Turkish people also go to their cities squares to support democracy. These developments are obviously well for our people and this will improve our unity and solidarity. We hope is that all institutions and government offices will be purged from terrorists who are belonging to this organisation FETÖ. These people who shot its own citizen can do everything in the future, so justice is important and these people should be judged. 
In addition, it is important to see all different political party leaders together and all of them support each other to improve democracy in Turkey. Although they have different ideologies, this coup attempt shows us that people are able to support each other. The joint meeting also made a separate of the beauty. 
Democracy watch will be ended on 7 August 2016 and this meeting is not belonging to one specific party, its All Turkish citizens meeting and this is stated by political party leaders. I believe that this meeting will improve the unity and solidarity in our country.

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