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Interview with Yusuf Çınar About Turkey and EU: Visa Agreement and Refugee Problem
1.How do you think, can Turkey and EU make a final deal about visa liberalization and what is needed for the agreement?
The European Commission proposed  to the European Parliament and Council of the European Union to lift the visa requirements for the citizens of Turkey, However Visa Liberalisation Roadmap is including some false steps. The agreement has not talked under the natural circumstances. Because, more than a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe in 2015. Migrants made the journey overland through Turkey,Greece,Western Balkans. The Refugee agreement to design Turkey’s Position as a barrier against Refugees. On the other hand visa liberalization will be provided by EU for Turkey in result of refugees agreement. But the Turkish cabinet has passed 65 of the EU’s 72 conditions. The EU says, ‘you will change the anti-terror law in return for visas’. According to president Erdoğan: If EU stressed “reform of the anti-terror law”, The agreement would not be implemented.  The reform of  anti-terror laws would be narrowed its legal definition of terrorism. Turkey has  launched ground operation against PKK in eastern of Turkey. Under this condition, Turkey doesn't want to give up operations against PKK. If Turkey changed to the anti-terror law, Turkey has to cut off the operations. "Anti-terror law" has been used   for the negotiations (Visa Liberalisation)  by Turkey and EU. Therefore the Visa Liberalisation will not  be implemented in June.
2.In your opinion, does Turkish government really wants to get visa liberalization for its citizens?
Turkish people really want to get visa liberalization. But Davutoglu's resignation   and European Commission’s announcement that visa-free travel is within reach for Turkey were on the same day. In the Davutoğlu term, Turkey wanted  to get visa liberalization. Erdogan aims to create stronger presidential system. After this period, EU should contact on Erdoğan’s team for future of EU-Turkey Relations. It’s mean that Davutoğlu’s term will be missed by EU. Because Erdoğan is a strong man in Turkey and EU cannot negotiate  everything on the desk with Erdoğan. In my opinion, the problem  is not the refugee agreement etc. , the problem is political ambitions of EU and Turkey.
3.What should Turkish citizens do in order to get visa free travel in Europe? Is it a chance to start demonstrations for demanding visa liberalization agreement to be reached?
Basically, Turkey has been trying to join the EU for a very long time. The country has close relations with Europe and is a member of many other European organizations. However, Turkish people has lost their hopes accessing EU in the result of the very long story.  I think, Starting  demonstrations for demanding visa liberalization are impossible in Turkey under this conditons.  I see that this process as a crossroad. If EU wants to the solution for visa liberalization and refuge agreement , EU should take steps, shouldn't have waited for steps from Erdoğan If EU didn’t take any steps for the solution, EU would lose to ambitions of Turkish People . This scenario is a disaster for EU-Turkey relations.
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