Mon, 20 Jan 2020
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Greater Middle East Project and Turkey
On the one side, those who rush out and vandalize under the pretext of tree... They call themselves resistance fighters (!). We wonder what they are resisting against! Maybe against the officer hike the previous governments did not do, maybe against the law which says that abortion is murder after a certain time, maybe against Turkey which has had a voice in international arena for a while... They call themselves the public (?). We saw at the population of the cities when these events started, and we looked at the number of those who rushed out the streets; it is not as the proportion of public at all. Only, groups… The groups, who knows, where are they directed from?
However, the government has directed the situation very improperly. As they should have snuffed out the ignited wick, they added fuel to the fire. If it was known that these kinds of things would happen, you know the prime minister made such explanations in this way, why there was no measure? The prime minister could make a soft balcony speech. Instead, he did not. A left-wing political party center was like an arsenal. We wonder if this country did/does not have any intelligence service? They were required to identify them and do what was necessary in advance.
On the other hand, these activists are all those who are against the third bridge, the airport, and the channel project... Meanwhile, they could not see the policies of the government and object manifestly, but they not say that they do not want the projects in the name of the development of the country. Why did/do they not see that the country has been divided, shattered under the name of peace process? The terrorists attack police stations, established a police force, declared Diyarbakir as the capital, and opened so-called martyrdom... If they were real patriotic, they should have said nothing to the government for all these things above. But not under the banner of the terrorism in Taksim... 
Before the events erupted in Syria, we wrote on a journal that those riots started in Tunisia and called as Arab Spring were the parts of GMEP (Greater Middle East Project), and it would spread into other countries and Turkey as well would have its share from it. Turkey has taken sensible steps on Great Kurdistan (Great Israel or new American colonies) plans so far. However, as we said, this plan has not come to an end yet. Although the government sees this and insists not to go in a war, it follows policies in line with that plan as though. It is difficult to understand indeed...
Let’s have a look at the thing called as “solution” or peace process. Peace process (?). What do you think the necessary environment is to utter this? Two opposing sides... Opposing two nations, let's say. We are in the same country, on the same lands for thousands of years. A process called as peace process was initiated as if the country is into a civil war, as if people slaughter each other. These people live/are living in peace already. Now, a more apathy, a more distance is between these people with the process. If you show them something not exists as if it does, they believe it. A political party and subgroups of a world-known terrorist organization is in the parliament. Let’s call this the democracy. The terrorist in the mountain is accepted interlocutor and gained him virtually a worldwide political identity. Turkish nation is deceived with lies that Kurdish people do not have the intention of establishing a separate state. As a result of the policies pursued about Syria, now in Syria, on our border a Kurdish State declares autonomy. They established a police force within the country, within Turkey. The terrorists mentioned withdrew beyond the border, that this withdrawal is a subject of a separate discussion, are still in the country. They still take hundreds of militants to mountains to train them. 
Bullets fired during clashes in Syria do not ask to shoot, across the border and shoot people of this country. We wonder if this is to drag Turkey into a war with Syria? On the other hand, the terrorists said beyond the border now are conducting rocket attacks on police stations, firing on the police with long-barreled weapons. In addition, a peace process, a solution process is mentioned. What is peace process? Have the beautiful people of this country attacked any ethnic group living in the country actually or verbally so far? Here, it is obvious who do the attacks, it is known. We ask again; what is the peace process?
You! You who rush out to the Gezi Park! You who say do not touch my tree, you who say do not tell me what to do with my body, and you who say do not intervene my alcohol! You should see what we have written above. You should be honest, have independent thought, and be brave to be able to rush out. This country was not established via making TR with beer bottles. This country was not built via cursing a prime minister either. This country was not established via overthrowing a government, which is struggling for the future of the country, with deceit either. This country founded with azan (call for prayer). This country was founded opening the parliament with prayers on a Friday. This country was founded with fighting for life against the states you are pawns of now.
A number of uninformed groups about the world, the history, the politics, and their own country will not be able to make a revolution in this country at any time. The only thing they can do is to harm the country and the people of this country...
Muhammed Murat Gözübüyük, Contributor, Strategic Outlook
25.07.2013 - Hit : 2058

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