Tue, 21 Nov 2017
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Previous Coup Manifests and Reading between the Lines
On 15th of July in 2016 an attempt of putsch was desired but it was prevented mainly by the resistance of the public. On the other hand, president Erdoğan’s call to streets was enthusiastically accepted by every part of the community can’t be ignored. All these happenings let the coup plotters down, and demoralized to see that they don’t have the public support behind them. We can easily say that physiological breakdown came afore the physical breakdown for the coup plotters. The 15th July’s shameful image of tanks on the streets turned to sublime images of people over the tanks against the coup. 
There are lots of things to speak and do about this unfortunate event but what I wondered was the details of manifest forced to be read on TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) that night. I tried to compare the similarities and the differences between the previous ones in 2007, 1998, 1982, 1971, and 1960 almost in every ten years. In 2007 however was an odd intervention because of its procedure. It was done with a public announcement on TSK’s (Turkish Military) website without using any force but just the threat of using it.   
When compared with the previous manifest I’ve caught some main terms which certainly exist in all texts. These are: Ataturk, secular, democracy, law order, terror and fratricidal quarrel. All these terms have been the reason for the intervention of TSK. It is even interesting to see the word Ataturk in the last coup attempt considering that the main suspect FETÖ (Terrorist Organization of Fethullah Gülen) behind it is widely known that this organization don’t refer or respect to that name. The term secular is in the same concept as well. This provides proof that FETÖ had some other counterparts in TSK. On the other hand the term irtica (reaction) is not seen on the latest text. This however provides proof that FETÖ was behind the coup attempt, as a religious organization can’t see irtica as threat. Though in a strict fashion law order is established and terror and fratricidal quarrel are suspended for a while under the military administrations; it is surprising to see the word democracy in every coup manifests since it’s generally the last time to see it again! 
There are some statements that exist in every coup manifests. One of them is the statement “obligations to UN, NATO and other international treaties will be maintained”. It is believed that this statement is to prevent the international reaction against the coup. One other statement is that “the coup is not against any ethnic or religious group or sect, and the new administration won’t discriminate them”. This is also to keep the international community calm. 
There are some differences from the previous texts such as the use of the term irtica mentioned above. One other difference is that although all the texts inform that “new elections will be held”, we can’t see such a plan in the last text.  It is probably forecast that the results won’t change. Another difference is that although almost all the texts refer to the economic deterioration; 1960, 2007, and the last one don’t. since the economic indicators were positive. The last difference is the coup plotters legal base the 35th paragraph of internal service law: “TSK’s duty is to learn art of war and protect the Turkish homeland, independence and republic” couldn’t be used in the last putsch attempt as it was changed in 2013 as “to learn and perform the art of war”. Although any putsch is illegal, this paragraph makes the last one literally baseless since the military doesn’t have such a duty. 
Yasin Yaylar, Contributor, Strategic Outlook
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