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Syria Is Carved Up, Nusayristan In Syria, Anatolian Turkiye Federation In Turkiye Is Established?
A portion of this article of mine was published on 12 April 2012 (on my 43rd birthday) on my personal web page, unfortunately I see regrettably that hidden John McCain plan expertly from the public. Namely, project of Neocons comes true, I won’t say my predictions, stored global project emerges.
The opposition to Bashar Assad's expulsion and abandoning Nusayris to their fate is a sham fight of Russia and China who did not allow to be intervened the regime of Damascus. World public opinion is getting prepared. 'Win win' formula that will satisfy both Russia and China, both Türkiye and the United States, Britain and Israel trio demand insistently is re-activated again... While France flirting to the magnificent trio at last moment, Germany, for the first time in the period after World War II, remained outside the NATO bloc, passed the front of Russia and China and supported not a regime completely without Assad but a new era with a weakened Lazkiye-centred Nusayristan president Bashar Assad. Assad does not need to leave the country in the divided Syria plan nor the West Kurdistan needs to get approve from Türkiye or Halep-centred Sunni Syria cannot be developed without neighbor support. The role of the religious and sectarian loyalties of Syrian and Iraqi Kurds need a long way to go or operate by their own people within the liberal democratical system, but are we sure there is no need or reason for panic?
While war drums are playing with Syria, British, Israel and American neocons’ plan to divide Turkiye and Syria is being ignored. If you examine the ethnic map of Syria (Made by Stratfor in 2011), the elite Nusayri regime can be seen becoming intensive in close areas to the sea that include partisan population. Perhaps, you read here for the first time that Nusayristan will be established by Assad. The Christian population has lived in this region and shared the power with Nusayris for many years. The purpose of the ethnic massacres carried out insistingly by Damascus was providing Sunni population to leave the area and it has been achieved. Russians has already supported this plan, too. The objective of the global gang is Israel’s safety. Preventing Iran's support for Hezbollah and Hamas and seizing the initiative in the Golan Heights completely, making Syria disqualified from regional policies. Giving lessons to Iran and cessation of its activity in the region are among principal aims, each conspiracy cooked in Lebanon is surely planned in Damascus, the one who put plans in front of Damascus is Tehran. The deep ring, who wants to break the vicious circle, made the world public opinion ready to Assad’s retreating in a collision with Nusayristan bribery. We are almost pleased to Syria's division into three pieces. As if the rest is not important, just let the bloodshed stop. However, it is not like that at all. As it is thought no one has an intention to give up secular despot puppet or scarecrow Assad at all. 80 percent landlocked Sunni majority will either rely on Turkiye or accept the mandate, being a colony of Israel and the USA in their new state given them.
China's policy of pro-Assad is an attempt to have a share in Nusayristan that will be founded near the sea. Sharing war has finished but the French is uncomfortable because of sharing their former mandate without taking into account themselves. The poor French can't accept they don't have power as in the past.
After the Sunnis and Nusayris composed of Arabs, Kurds and Turkmens leave each other, the multinational companies of known nation will come to exploit Syria by wearing masks. Of course, liberal democracy and the economy will contribute to become free. However, in the capitalist Syria, poor people won’t be allowed to use and manage the fortune of its own country. Türkiye must be involved at this stage. It must show the ways to welfare without leaving Syrian people to colonizers.
Do not interpret what I type as pessimism, I draw the best scene expected to be. The worst scene is emergence of a sectarian conflict and spreading this war to neighbouring countries on behalf of breaking the Shiite Crescent. We need to be vigilant against a sectarian war which has the potential to disrupt Türkiye's relations with Iran. Exactly at this stage we have raised trade volume up to 30 billion dollars with Iran and approved the project on establishment of a free zone between the two countries, the ones playing Syria card never want Türkiye’s benefit. In the role thought for Turkiye, slapping the naughty, Iran, in the region, depriving it  of nuclear power, Tehran won't be pleased of division through Turks in Azerbaijan and it will scratch Alevi problem in our country are predictable. You do not need to be a doyen of foreign policy to understand the power wishing we fall out with each other with Iran that we haven’t fought since 1639 is Israel.
On this map prepared in 2011 by Stratfor, the boundaries of Nusayristan that will be established on ethnic map of Syria and Sunni region are shown clearly. I want to attract your attention that Nusayristan includes Hatay and Adana the provinces of Türkiye. The country wished to be disarrayed and carved up is not just Syria, Türkiye is also the target, as well. 
Türkiye is located in the middle of this feast of the wolves. Syria has no petrol but it is a country that superpowers set their eyes on it due to its strategic location. It is an equation should not be forgotten that a branch of the Kurds in Syria is senior manager of the PKK and one in third PKK terrorists formed of the Syrian Kurds. Syrian intelligence that has the ability to provoke 300 thousand Nusayris and citizens called Fellah living in Hatay, Adana and Mersin, will disarray our country at most. It is completely a devil’s plan to retrogress by putting war economy our country that has a booming economy and can’t be ruined in no way. In case of war, declaring matial law by the army is inevitable; this scenario is a part of the perfect plan of the global gang struggling for releasing the suspects of Ergenekon  and Balyoz quietly.
The analysis above are my personal observations and comments. You can say it is a conspiracy theory if you want, if you want you can say predictions based on serious data and analysis of my expertise in foreign policy and diplomacy, or think it is my augur. What is important is what vileness come out in a possible war or in case of the opening of Pandora's Box or, in a diplomatic statement, who will benefit. Certainly, Türkiye is not likely to benefit. Israel is the only country that will benefit.
Let me add an important point that is unkown about Syria’s inner structure: there are totally 16 different intelligence agencies established by former KGB and one in seven persons works at least for an intelligence, no one trusts the other. Since getting rid of French Mandate, namely since 1946, there are masses of angry people ready to kill minority power Nusayris, who persecute the people of Syria, on the slightest pretext. Rich Nusayris with a population of 12 percent can be saved only in free (!) Nusayristan thanks to the buffer zone drawn with clear boundaries created and protected by the UN Peacekeeping Force. Assad allies in the west won’t allow Nusayris to be lynched. Russia and China will not allow this anyway. In this abominable plan, the Turkish military soldier will be sent to guard duty, we want or not. After the victory of Syrian dissidents we are hosting, of course we can’t turn a blind eye to Nusayris massacre; shortly, Arab Spring in Syria or hell is between the devil and deep sea.
Goal is not to divide Syria but Turkiye: Either Weak Turkiye or Anatolia Turkiye Federation
With a team of Turkish Special Warfare, the MOSSAD team represents the neocons, triple intelligence network realized the Syria Project, has been training Syrian dissidents for civil war in Bekaa Valley in Lebanon for months. However, the goal is not only to divide Syria, the main target is to divide and disrupt Turkiye. The one who gave me this intelligence is a Special Warfare officer of us who has trained Syrian dissidents on behalf of MOSSAD in Bekaa Valley. He noticed that they are in betrayal of our country and because of he couldn’t find a brave pen in Turkish Media, the task of writing this suicide article was left up to your humble servant who is Canadian Turkish academic, journalist and author.
Time has changed, neither post-modern coup nor a military coup seizing the government directly are possible; however, worse than the coup may happen. A dictator similar to pharaoh in Egypt may govern Türkiye. Or, Silivri partners who seek revenge and wish to remain military tutelage may burn our country like Neron burnt Rome because of they lost the power. I am not an augur, I reach the conclusion by analyzing information from news sources I gain. For this reason, my comments are personal, it may be wrong and incorrectness of my predictions binds only me. Pitfalls and bad intentions of those who less inhabited in Silivri in which more outside making evil plans became known. The one who has prudence can see that they are doing a new three-stage evil plan. If some we know friendly were not in this game, as well, I would say this information from three different sources, pouring out of three against end impossible to liaise with each other, was a "conspiracy theory". I have some bad news for those who think the coup threat ended. Deep local mob and global discord network are pursuing a new unthinkable discord. They will do a bird slaughter with one stone.
They did the first shot in Daglica, then, our reconnaissance plane caused to fall in Syria, then, the intelligence of Syria destroyed in Damascus, its soldier and bureaucrat, this will continue. The team which planned and organized all these is in the valley of Bekaa, emplaced in Lebanon, our Special Warfare soldiers, our Yeşil (Mahmut Yıldırım) lead the team. The one who sent me this message is the right, arm of Mahmut Yıldırım, code-named Yeşil, anyway. Despite the interview I did with him but I couldn’t publish, with a hope, he leaked me this information at the risk of his life. Maybe Yeşil is there, too, he has already been travelled in the last 13 years in military uniform in different countries in the guise of a military attaché, of course, no one seeks to capture Yeşil. The sad truth: the Syrian branch of the PKK ruled by Fehman Hussein did its first sound bringing terror in Daglica in the control and knowledge of our Special Warfare experts in Beka as soon as it completed transporting Kandil to Arfin in the border of Syria and Turkiye. The tactic of divisions within the PKK is consisting of planning of the western intelligence as a conjuncture. After that, with the divisions within the PKK, Leyla Zana, Murat Karayilan, Abdullah Ocalan, Zübeyir Aydar and Fehman Hussein will talk at cross purposes and cover the ones who set the terror toy. We are faced with five different PKK, which one of them can you talk peace with, another country heard from! They don't want us to separate the problem of the PKK from the Kurdish issue, they will continue their impure game until they divide Turkiye.
The main question from now on is what the choice of the PKK will be, regarding Syria in particular, and the Kurdish “awakening” in the regional context. “ Turkiye and Southern Kurdistan” -- Iraq -- “are neighbors of Syrian Kurds. The PKK conducts an armed struggle against the former and sees the latter as the sole adversary to its existence.  The PKK will be unable to construct an own area under its hegemony. Syria’s ethnic map and sociology will not allow it... The PKK cannot remain the old PKK, in spite of the Syrian revolution, because it is already in the revolution. The PKK must hurry for a peace settlement with Turkey. Because it has, from now on, things to lose in Syria and this fact will force it not to wage further war, but to seek dialogue and settlement” what  Orhan Miroğlu suggested, who is a Kurdish intellectual with vast knowledge of the PKK. So, when it comes to managing a post-Assad Syria, deep wisdom is blended with hope and caution. In a new assessment posted on the Al-Monitor website, Henri J. Barkey, professor of international relations at Lehigh University and a highly esteemed expert on PKK-related issues, presented such a perspective.
“On paper,” Barkey wrote, “the main beneficiary of the change in Syria will be Turkey. With America’s diminished posture and a weakened Iran, Turkey emerges as an economic behemoth ready to engage with its businesspeople and know-how. It is also the country that both the US and the Europeans expect will help establish a semblance of order in Syria.
“A strengthened Kurdish movement will put pressure on Turkey to resolve its own domestic Kurdish problem; this would be a long overdue and a welcome development. Still, it is not completely clear that Turkish leaders, who have big ideas but often act emotionally, have the wherewithal and maturity to rise to these twin challenges of Kurdish resurgence and managing the chaos that will ensue after Assad’s departure,” Barkey concluded.
How did we reach this point? Let me explain it. The favorite staffs of our Special Warfare and our “Bearded” Yeşil cooperated with MOSSAD and CIA, busily preparing in Bekaa valley in Lebanon. When MİT, the PKK's European chief Zubair Aydar whose grandfather is a Sheikh and Sabri Ok said peace in Oslo, patience came to an end. With Daglica raid that came after “the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan solves the problem.” message of Leyla Zana who gave interview to the newspaper of Hurriyet, the army, the nation, the government got hand in hand. Here's another new fake social engineering! Journalist and author Avni Ozgurel met Karayilan and held out the olive-branch supposedly but somehow peace was undermined. What's done is done after the favours of the proposal for Ocalan and doing Kurdish an elective course. BTP Leader Selahattin Demirtas said "Let the PKK leave the weapons." immediately after Kurdistan leader Massoud Barzani and Iraqi President Jalal Talabani. After negotiations between all parties under the supervision of the U.S., for some reason, the martyrs, betrayals increased. There are lots of clowns around.
I decipher the plan of “Global Ergenekon” that local collaborators will carry out.  They will realize major provocations with Syrian dissidents and the PKK, dressed in Syrian army, prepared in Bekaa for killing our soldiers, police and civil citizens initially in Hatay, Adana and Mersin. The responsibility of this sin will be imputed to Damascus governance that welcomes the PKK. Regime killed all the anti-PKK Kurdish leaders by foreign intelligence’s shooters and local agents in Syria. Israel’s Simbet and Iran’s Lashgare 23 Takavar, the special attacks execute squads, works together surprisingly. All the demons are same side! Execution lists are full, get ready to assassinations of journalists, intellectuals, politicians in our country! Their destination is not to overthrow the regime of Assad in Syria, to stop the flowing Muslim blood, their intention is to shed the blood of Muslims in our country and to cut and chop 10-year gains. Israel wants its lost position again in Türkiye.
When the AK Party had made an agreement with "Local and Global Deep State", it was clear that the process of liquidation of the dirty intestine would be deactivated. The main purpose of the AK Party, which wants to reduce the prosecutors with special powers by causing the crisis of 250th article, is not this in short term. Demanding of their appointments of prosecutors and judges by reacting showed this as strong evidence. HCJP changing the location of 2335 Judges and prosecutors with the Decree of Judicial and Administrative Judicial of the year 2012 was misinterpreted in the media! If you believe Samil Tayyar who is the writer of the Star and the deputy of AKP, "The judiciary do coup to the AK Party.” No, gentleman Tayyar, the judiciary oppose AKP because of it agreed with the deep state and wants to intervene in the judiciary. With the appointment of new judges and prosecutors, the cases such as Ergenekon, Balyoz, KCK and Sike will be turned upside down and newcomers will need to be familiar with the cases for at least six months. This is a waste of time, so, who needs this time? Well, the cases have been lasting long and they have been looking forward to the almighty Turkish Justice ends. Totally lie. They do not trust the justice, not the least bit, they do not agree whatever the result is, they will not agree anyway, they will not care...
So, what do this team of bigs whose arrogance is high plan? Within the next six months, the ones in Silivri will apply for pending trial, they will complain of the cases which judges and prosecutors changed. Because we are stupid as a society, we will have pity on them and we will wish them to be released from Silivri by assuming they are harmless. The very great generals will not run away! If Bedrettin Dalan ran away, it's his fault my dear fellow! Because of the abilities of prosecutors and judges to hide the evidence, dim and change them, they will nearly make us believe that the arrested defendants are innocent. There will be gullible of us who will believe that there will be even ones who will repent and be going on a pilgrimage. I don’t know if we believe this much trick but the second stage is horrible!
Unthinkable operations in five different ways will be carried out by the provocation team trained for months in Bekaa, Lebanon, and continuous war drums will play in Turkish media! Eventually, the society will explode with the revolt of the Turkish nationallists, General Staff and the Prime Minister’s office will enter Syria to give the lesson to Damascus it deserves by joining hands and using its protective right to save its society. No one will be against this in the world, even it will be applauded. So far there is no problem, no one except the Kurds who support the militant PKK will raise no objection to the Turkish military and the government’s taking justice and democracy to the neighbour! As a matter of fact, neither the U.S. nor the EU countries have desire to take democracy to the countries that have no oil and mine! Let the work end, in the sharing war, it is in the hand to take back the gains of war on the table in any case!
The war will last longer than Ankara anticipates, losses will increase. General Staff will declare a state of emergency and martial law in the country. Here's a coup! Even though the head of government and the president are the symbolic head of the army, all the power centers and resources will  be in the hand of the management of military bureaucracy, you are the ones that judged, took under arrest, made victims unnecessarily, treated roughly and belittled the pashas who are experienced and can manage the war! It's time to rematch. It is obvious that the psychology and mental health of the owners of the sound recording fell onto the internet in June, and their subordinates they addressed, names on the top are not normal! During the court process, did they not admit doing illegal things? And what about the millions of documents collected by the police? Judiciary staff cannot decide without holding documents. It’s either true or false according to the law...
The AK Party cleared away the jurisdiction of the prosecutors with special powers by removing 250th article this term and sent the message “Do not leave me out of the big game.” to their global Western allies. The Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan didn’t care “They’re playing a game with us, their purposes are to prune you and us, to finish us.” warning done by the Hizmet Movement. So, what is the game? The game is to stop, to prevent the recordings of the audio cassettes, done by unauthorized listening, of both Ergenekon and the AK party members from publication! They think they can do this by making censorship law to the press. Today’s government don’t care important issues for the future of the country, they make a law for every situation and field they cannot control. They care just themselves. They are scared of loosing much of their authority, scared of being worn out. If AK Party wants to put a journalist who deciphers a crime, catches red-handed in prison, it means they are afraid of the emergence of their own vileness. Let me say what happens if you put a journalist, for instance me, in prison by the law censorship: I always find media to publish the files. Ways to spread a truth are infinite. Even if you suppress all the ways, you cannot apply censorship to whisper newspaper, Twitter and Facebook. Corrupt files, larceny, corruption in tenders, illegal wives married through religious marriages without informing public, lechery, immorality, bribery, namely, general unspoken persecution come into the open sooner or later if there is. If you claim that you are idealists that very kindly, not setting one person against another, living in the balance of haram and halal, not touching even a cent of the state; you get it in the neck because the charisma of those who are not sincere and friendly is disgraced by the friends of God and Rights.
Here's at the third stage, the most brutal and fearsome plan of the coup done under the pretext of the war is staged. The journalist, who doesn't stop talking with the censorship, is made stop talking forever. They have lots of files because they opened files on 6 million people in the former period but they need to clarify the lists. Hand in hand, sittin close together with those who we know friendly, they prepared lists of the first one hundred people who need to be killed in recent months, a thousand people, the first ten thousand people who need to be taken under arrest, made become infirm in jail. These headhunters deem everyone worthy everything but they don’t agree to being done one per cent of them to themselves. They are very sure of themselves but they do unwise and immoral things. They do not take lessons from what happened. Perhaps they need psychological therapy beside judicial prosecution. The mighty drunkenness of the power is a sign of weakness.
If the AK Party does not stop the three-stage coup plan, Kurdish and Turkish civil war will begin in Türkiye, the Turkish army will be forced to take out a second Dersim massacre in Diyarbakir with 'Serhildan' planned (August 15, 2012 may be a targeted day) to be started for two years and militant Kurds will be given the necessary materials to make an international call for the introduction of the UN Monitoring, namely, the so-called Peace Corps. Ankara, which believed the fake games and disorders of society engineers fighting against sociological realities, hands in the Kurdish Issue with each declination of Kurdish initiative to foreign intelligence agencies that organize the PKK. If a real liberal civil society, liberal democracy and liberal economy are not created in the region, either Türkiye will be divided or Anatolian Türkiye Federation, which is a regional superpower, will be established by eliminating the statement of “Turkiye belongs to the Turkish.” and the nation-state concept in the new constitution. If Turkey brings soldiers onto Syrian soil by itself and not as part of an international operation, it would be an open provocation to Russia and Iran. Türkiye must stick with diplomacy and work with the region’s Arab Sunni tribes holding sway over the largely Sunni Kurdish population. The PYD, or Kurdish Democratic Union Party, is a Syrian Kurdish group close to the PKK. However, if Türkiye can cooperate with these Arab Sunni tribes then we can cut the influence of PKK and PYD on the territory. Ankara must influence among various Kurdish movements to defuse tensions within Türkiye and beyond, since  the Kurdish National Council and around a dozen Kurdish Syrian parties, has joined the People’s Council of Western Kurdistan, a PYD offshoot, under the banner of the Supreme Kurdish Council.
Faruk ARSLAN* - Strategic Outlook Analyst
*Research Assistant, MSW, Sociologist, Journalist and writer, Wilfred Laurier University, Canada
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