Thu, 14 Nov 2019
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Iran’s Environmental Ticking Bomb

Many experts describe the Iran’s nuclear program as a ticking bomb.  They might be correct, but the Islamic Regime’s nuclear program is not the only bomb ticking in Iran. Virtually unnoticed by the international community, Iran’s environmental policies could be just as devastating as its nuclear program.Last month, Iran’s Parliament rejected an emergency bill to divert water from the Aras River to Lake Urmia in northwest Iran. Covering an area of 2200 square miles, Lake Urmia is the largest lake in the Middle East. The lake is rare pearl and, until recently, it was home to 212 species of birds, 41 reptiles, 7 amphibians, and no less 27 species of mamm...


Will a war burst in Strait of Hormuz?

According to the Iranian experts, over the last 50 years in Iran totally 85 billion barrels of hydrocarbons have been extracted in the end of 2006. Thus, remaining reserves of liquid hydrocarbons exceed 137 billion barrels (bbs).According to OPEC, NIOC’s liquid hydrocarbon reserves at the end of 2006 were 1,384 billion barrels (2.200×1011 m3). Iran is under continuous U.S. threat and sanction since 1979 after the Iranian revolution. The cat and mouse game between Iran and the US has been continuing for the last 32 years. Successive U.S. administration adopted many strategies to bring Iran under its own grip but so far has not been successful. The cat and mouse game between Ir...


Target Afghanistan without Turkey?

For a moment, let’s imagine that Turkey has decided to withdraw from Afghanistan. After all, the current psychological atmosphere is appropriate to this heartily.So, how much will such a decision in reality be, mainly in Turkey’s, in the Turkish-Islamic world’s interest? I wonder, have those who say “Turkey should withdraw from Afghanistan as soon as possible!" ever  thought a bit of it?For example, what kind of a situation will arise after the US withdraw from Afghanistan? How a new balance will come into existence in the region? How much are they aware of the parallelism between the developments in the context of Afghanistan and around and developments cent...

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