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No State Can Fight Against the Sociological Facts and Win Any Ethnic or Cultural War
In Türkiye, neither foreign intelligence agencies such as Mossad, the CIA, the BND that stir up the ethnic war, nor MİT and the General Staff can fight against the sociological realities. In 1826, Sultan Mahmud II’s going through the central system in Ottoman Empire under the effect of his French mother and his wife, Balkan and Middle Eastern nations in particular, the abolition of the autonomy of the Kurdish state, the introduction into circulation extreme Turkish nationalism virus copied from France, illiteracy, discrimination, racism, the culture of living by leaning against the state and parasitism, laziness and identity crisis are the main causes of the Kurdish Issue. Nearly two centuries-standing grudge, hatred, discrimination policies, the psychological trauma, dark and deep than most people think.
While modernizing and industrializing the west, whereas in the east, nationalization policies of the regions inhabited by Kurds destroyed the civil society, pushed the people into a double lap of terror and led the soldiers to act in a clumsy way. To inter-regional educational, cultural and economic differences, after Sheikh Said rebellion in 1925, the wrong policy of wholesale ignoring Kurdish identity was added. During the period of socialism sweeping the world and inspiring separatist movements in 1960s and 1970s, the emergence of the PKK and likewise illegal organizations among Kurds were very normal.
In 1990, with the collapse of Soviet Union, Marxism and Socialism died as well, separatist social movements using arguments and ideology has evolved one by one, fell into step with the changing world, few organization which still persist on Marxism remained outside the PKK in the world. The PKK leader, Abdullah Ocalan, even he tried to import Iran philosophy with Mazdeizm, he was vetoed by the most of Kurds because it conflicts with Islam. I wonder when some Kurds, who suffered from made up ideologies and still have hope of them, will face with the truth. Unless re-establish civil society in the region, those fed by ethnic discrimination, hatred, hate, those hoping for help from the pressure of society, terror, intimidation policies, anti-democratic attitude, exaggerating identity struggle, social, cultural, economic and political distortions will not end. The problem is, in fact, the statist bureaucracy of Ankara rather than the PKK; destruction caused by the central government, failures of nationalization are great. Unless not knowing the sociology of the Kurdish community, cessation of arms negotiations with the PKK, declaring a general amnesty or idling the problem is weird. No intelligence agency can’t fill the gap regardless of broken hearts, ruined economy, the banned language and culture, can’t solve the Kurdish Issue permanently.
So, how can the problem be solved? Of course, steps that will increase the prosperity of region community should be taken first of all. Borders between Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey should be removed, as in the Ottoman period, local people should be able to trade freely, and they should be able to sell the sheep they produce in Diyarbakir, Hakkari and Van, in Baghdad and Damascus. Without using passport, without the need for visa, without the fear of terror, without the trouble of giving tribute to bandits, they should be able to trade and earn plenty of money. We call this the liberal economy and uncontrollable, that should not be controlled the free market economy. Without the liberal economy, liberal democracy does not occur, democratic consciousness does not develop, individuals do not become free, and thoughts remain under pressure and the money under the pillow. Smart kids of libertarian revolutionaries, whose humanitarian aspect predominating within the framework of law; have always cleared off past violent gangs who thought to be liberalize through becoming outlaw when the terms of revolution disappeared. Similar persecution that the PKK, the state of Türkiye and its soldiers do to the region community is the same pressure regime. Today in the region, if Kurdistan is founded and the leaders of the PKK become ministers of it, members of the PKK become its police and soldiers; they will depress the people, exploit them and tyrannize more than Turkish police, soldier and bureaucracy do. All Kurds and Turks, who support or do not support the PKK, know this sociological fact.
Only sociological fact is how the people will be happy. First of all, the number of troops in the region should be sent down to minimum, the PKK should leave weapons and come back home unconditionally, properties the military has nationalized should be restored to public interest as school, hospital, university, culture-language center and park. While both two sides do not trust each other, how can this ever be? A civilian police, who can replace the soldier and understand the public’s language, culture, customs and traditions, should provide the security and the law should be made that it can be applicable for everyone. The two fellow people should trust each other. If there is equality, justice and freedom then the PKK comes back from the mountain and get mixed to the public. If it doesn’t come back then their aims is not the welfare of the Kurdish people and not defend the rights of them. The politics of wholesale managing and control the Kurdish Parties doing ethnic nationalism of the PKK are hormonal, and incompatible with the values of liberal democracy. As a result, the PKK lacks of the ability to represent the whole Kurdish society, AK Party takes the half of the votes in the region, finding support of the PKK supporters in Europe doesn’t give them to bargain in the behalf of the whole Kurds in Türkiye. When the silent majority of the Kurds to speak, of course, the PKK will remain marginal, they probably will not vanish, there is no need vanish anyway.
In democracies, radical opinions are always useful. The presence of the PKK can help to find the common mind in making what is right in the Kurdish memory. In fact, if only there is a democratic, peaceful and comfortable ground that every sight from Hezbollah to MHP shows up and address to people appealing their own characters freely. In these days, fake structures founded by the state being cleaned, every individual who express their ideas without resorting to violence, free, proud and brave in the region. If even those who don’t give the right to live to the Gülen Movement can get around as a scarecrow, sincerely, if they can ignore all the education and social welfare services done without taking a penny from the state aid, neither Kurdish citizens enriched in abroad, neither the Kurdish elite in the west nor civil society organizations which must shoulder responsibility in Türkiye can show up and help Kurdish fellows more. Luckily, there is the Gülen Movement, its presence in the region inspires everyone and makes feel relieved those try to do kindness. If it is not possible that the small rob get reformed, it is inevitable they will already fall into the wrath of God in the near future; it is a necessity of divine justice. It is religiously permissible to curse on those who won’t change their ways.
The steps taken by the AK Party so far have been political shows, applications have always disrupted in practice. See what wasn’t done more? By increasing the powers of local government, municipalities’ fronts’ want to pave the way in some respects such as health, social services, tax-free trade. Therefore, between 45-50 percent of people still don’t pay money for the electricity to o the central government or use electricity illegally, they don’t pay taxes anyway. In fact, it does not gain anything from the central region; it still gives plenty in order to keep them in hand. Parasitical people of the region take if the state gives, if it doesn’t, they curse and attending the PKK.
The first to be done has still not done. It has passed exactly 100 years since Kurdish-language education university project which Said Nursi presented to Sultan Resad in 1910 and tried to make approved by Mustafa Kemal but failed in the first Parliament in 1922, it still hasn’t been established. However, Kurdish language must be taught in regional universities, from the kindergarden to high school Kurdish language must be optional subject, it must be compulsory subject in the Kurdish-inhabited areas, private educational institutions must open schools providing education in Kurdish by using civil initiative in the region. It cannot move forward even an inch in solving the problem unless Turkish language be an obligation, Arabic language be obligatory and Kurdish language be possible in the region. Master’s and doctorate should be made in Kurdish in universities. Kurdish TV and radio stations should be established, free magazines and newspapers should be released. Love language must replace hatred language. Media organs broadcasting in Kurdish must give unity messages, not separatist messages. In these cases, cultural autonomy the PKK demanded will already perform itself.
The number of Kurds in the pursuit of political independence is quite low in the country. Those who living in fear to be divided are small, hollow men still pumping Sevres syndrome. Kurds integrated to west, settled in Mersin, Gaziantep, Konya, Adana, İzmir, Antalya, İstanbul, Bursa and Ankara and got rich should make investments in territories they came from and provide business, employment opportunities for people. The aim of purpose of the stimulus package the government announced is this. However, same kind packages were declared, some trickiness took credits by cheating the state and after they gave bribe 10 percent to Ankara bureaucracy, they built only some walls as investments and escaped to big cities and sold their own people in the past must be remembered. Each loan, monitoring mechanism isn’t set up well, becomes venom demolishing the hopes, destroy trust. Kurds in abroad should return to their homeland and use their knowledge, experience and capital for positive nationalism, development of the economy and equalizing the welfare of the Kurdish people with west instead of the politics of hate. The idea of establishing Kurdistan by holding meetings, sending suicide bombers, throwing stones to the police and soldiers, burning and destroying schools, hospitals, factories, murdering teachers and doctors is gullibility or being misled.
Regional people must get rid of laziness of expecting everything from the state. Non-governmental organizations have involved violence, clean and honest ones must be established instead of them. Liberal economics and liberal democracy don’t work unless Kurdish intellectuals raise their voice of conscience. A society whose people get rich, teach their children, speak their own language and live their own culture freely doesn’t terrorize becoming outlaw, murder nobody. It is not easy to be a murderer, regional people who want to live a normal, happy life full of peace, negotiate easily with sincere Muslims who reached real humanity; they have waited for two centuries. Because, the heart of the east is religion, negative nationalism goes on between Turks and Kurds without brotherhood of the Islamic nation. External provokers use this weakness of us, as well, and set us quarrel and fight with each other.
Eastern man is trustworthy, hospitable and his heart is wide, smooth. Mesopotamia has been a cradle of civilizations for centuries. The ground must be established for bring out this precious thing first; Ankara should give up statist policies. The institutions nationalizing the real estate of the region and land should give the entrusted things back to Kurdish people now. The Kurdish Issue doesn’t end without Kurdish people, who think their right has been usurped, take back their right from the state, Türkiye doesn’t become a great state, it can’t. Unless we solve the Kurdish Issue by joining intellectual Turks and Kurds hand in hand, no İslamic country will obey Türkiye, it cannot be a regional star or cannot be an arbiter leader in world politics. Doesn’t the Kurds in the Middle East say, “we were divided up in four different countries, 35 million populations under pressure.” come on then, let’s throw away boundaries, let’s amplify trade, let’s see where the sociological trend of the society will low in natural process! I bet it won’t be a trend to those who advice hatred, in a democratic environment where has no pressure elements, economy, namely, the goal of welfare will always be preferred, true nature of human is the unique and unchangeable ideology. In German journalist, writer, sociologist and philosopher Nietzsche’s words, “all ideologies are garbage”|; however, but it mustn’t be forgotten that Islam has never been an ideology, the heart of the region beats on faith; Islam is an integral part of the Kurdish identity, character, and their real soul. This is a sociological reality of Kurdish problem, no intelligence, no state can fight against the sociological facts and win any ethnic or cultural war ever…
Faruk ARSLAN, Strategic Outlook Analyst
Research Assistant, MSW, Sociologist, Journalist and writer, Wilfred Laurier University, Canada
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