Thu, 17 Oct 2019
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DEMOCRACY MARCH: FROM 3 JULY 2011 TO 15 JULY 2016 (6.08.2016)

Democracy March: From 3 July 2011 to 15 July 2016

- There will be a Big Democracy March on 7 August 2016 in Turkey. What is happening in Turkey? Do you think that there will be good things in Turkey?Turkey has experienced many coup since its founding and Turkish citizens were adversely affected by the coup and coup attempts. Along with the coup attempt which was occurred 15 July, people who defended the democracy reacted this coup attempt and Turkish citizens have disposed of the coup attempt. Also when we looked at the coup attempt, there was no too much support by Army. Fetullah Terror Organisation (FETÖ) leader is Fethullah Gülen and he did not achieve what he wants. There have been many developments in Turkey in the last years a...

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