Wed, 19 Jun 2019
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Armenia’s Metsamor nuke plant may share Fukushima’s fate

Metsamor nuclear power plant is a threat not only to countries bordering with Armenia, but also the whole world, President of the Strategic Outlook Turkish International Research Center Yusuf Cinar told Trend May 18.Armenia has a nuclear power plant, Metsamor, built in 1970. The power plant was closed after a devastating earthquake in Spitak in 1988. But despite the international protests, the power plant's operation was resumed in 1995. Moreover, a second reactor was launched there.According to the ecologists and scholars all over the region, seismic activity of this area turns operation of the Metsamor nuclear power plant in an extremely dangerous enterprise...


Threats of using nuclear weapons can create problems for Armenia itself

Armenia's threats of using nuclear weapons can create legal and political problems only for the country itself, said Mehmet Fatih Oztarsu, vice chairman of the Turkish analytical center Strategic Outlook."This threat is excessive," Oztarsu, who is also an expert on the South Caucasus, told Trend April 29. "If Armenia has nuclear weapons, the international organizations must deal with this issue to clarify the period of obtaining nuclear weapons, the way of weapon production and who helped the country."The expert added that if Armenia means the outdated Metsamor nuclear power plant, so much the worse for the country itself.Oztarsu stressed that it seems tha...


Protests in Armenia

The increase in the price of electricity announced by the Armenian Public Services Regulatory Commission, effective Aug. 1, provoked a great deal of reaction from the people.Demonstrators protested the electricity price hike with a sit-in at Yerevan's Freedom Square on June 18. The protests, initiated by the “No-to-Robbery” movement, have attracted attention from different parts of the country. Civil society groups argue that the price increase will lead to increases in other areas as well. Some religious clerics also supported the protesters.The police declared the protests illegal and took measures which caused the situation to descend into chaos. The protesters had pre...

DISPUTED WATER(28.11.2013)

Disputed Water

Armenia experienced a brief energy crisis due to the suspension of electricity supplies from Iran earlier this month. Along with Gyumri and Vanadzor, power outages affected 70 % of Yerevan on 2 November, which seriously questioned the government's energy policy.Coupled with this, the repair work carried out at the nuclear power plant, which meets 35% of the capital's demand for energy in normal conditions, created a very difficult situation in Yerevan.The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Armenia stated that the repair and maintenance work at the nuclear plant, which began on 22 September, will be completed by the end of November, and the dem...


Dancing Around the Bomb

Yerevan keeps terrorizing the world with its Metsamor nuclear plantThe earthquake in the Turkish province of Van once again reminded the world about the threat posed by the nearby Metsamor nuclear power plant in Armenia. Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yildiz said after the quake that “Turkey plans to take legal action against the obsolete nuclear power plants around the world, including the Armenian one”.Turkey’s eastern provinces are only 16 km from the Metsamor nuclear power station, and given the high seismic activity in this region, it is not difficult to guess the scale of the catastrophe should an accident occur at the plant. In fact, the results...

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