Sun, 16 Jun 2019
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ALL EYES ON TURKEY(24.09.2013)

All Eyes On Turkey

Many people drew parallels between the movement against Islamists in the Middle East and Turkey’s Gezi Park protests, which are manifested as a region-wide resistance against ruling Islamist parties. However, the protests in the Arab countries have a different context, and while Islamists might have strong ties across the region, the stories remain quite different. In Tunisia and Egypt, there has been a struggle over power after a Revolution that has ousted the worst dictators in the region, Bin Ali and Mubarak. In the wake of the success of the Turkish experience, the people in the Middle East looked up to Islamists as the forbidden fruit that many people we...


Greater Middle East Project and Turkey

On the one side, those who rush out and vandalize under the pretext of tree... They call themselves resistance fighters (!). We wonder what they are resisting against! Maybe against the officer hike the previous governments did not do, maybe against the law which says that abortion is murder after a certain time, maybe against Turkey which has had a voice in international arena for a while... They call themselves the public (?). We saw at the population of the cities when these events started, and we looked at the number of those who rushed out the streets; it is not as the proportion of public at all. Only, groups… The groups, who knows, where are they directed f...


The Gezi Events is Attempted Coup D’état

A common and experienced Turkish citizen notices instantly that the Gezi events are a planned operation towards toppling the civil power acceded by the ballot box and towards blocking up the political mechanisms. The deceased President Ozal, who fell a victim to an assassination, as remembered, had been called by CHP (Republican People's Party) as a “civil dictator” and “keen to be single man”, as soon as he uses some words like freedom, Kurdish problem, federation, peace, and coexistence. As the example of Ozal shows, Erdogan is today called again as “dictator” by CHP, too. In those days, they had made so-called apolitic youth ask some questio...


The Turkish Spring or Another Color Revolution?

For some, Turkey is undergoing something like Arab Spring or Occupy Movement and for some it is subjected to an internationally-supported conspiracy similar to color revolutions that developed in several societies in the former Soviet Union and the Balkans during the early 2000s. According to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and his supporters, Turkish popular uprising began in the beginning of June 2013, cannot be considered as similar to the waves of civic resistance movements in the Middle East. Rather, they are the work of alcoholics, extremists, vandalists, marginals, foreign agents and even Twitter. Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his media and pre...

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