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The Target of Rocket Attacks: Kilis
1- What are the effects of Syrian Civil War to Turkey and in particular to Kilis? 
With the beginning of the Arab Spring, both Middle East and Northern Africa countries began to change their political regimes and these countries have begun to cause the emergence of a new humanitarian crisis. The Arab Spring has increasingly spread to different Middle East countries and with the Syrian Civil War in 15 March 2015, the humanitarian crisis have jumped to the top spot of the international community. With the start of the Syrian Civil War, unprecedented refugee crisis emerged in the international arena, and Syrians began to move to other countries, especially to Turkey. According to official figures, the number of refugees in Turkey is around 3 million. In fact, it must be mentioned at this point that Kilis is hosting more refugees in its territory than its own population. The official figures shows that Kilis is hosting at around 130 thousand refugees but unofficial number is at least 200 thousand. There are some socio-economic problems in Kilis because of the refugees, but these problems always remained at a low level. The citizens of Kilis opened their doors to refugees to share their bread. Also, the marriage rate with Syrians has increased in Kilis. 
In addition to these developments, the house and office rents have increased in Kilis, and this situation has created both positive and negative effect in Kilis’ economy. The positive influence of the economy is that with the increase of rents, citizens who has a house and office rent them with higher fees and they have earned more money than they imagined. But this situation also reflected to the city’s life in a negative way in terms of poor people who live in these houses. 
Another negative effects of refugees to Kilis is that the extramarital affairs have increased and this situation increased the family problems. 
In short, the citizens of Kilis have tried to support and help refugees and they have solved their problems with conversation. 
The main problem should be considered here is the status of the refugees after the Syrian Civil War. There is no answer of the status of refugees in terms of staying in Kilis or going back to Syria, and this can affect the economy of Kilis. 
2- Kilis is under the attack of rockets by ISIS. What is the main source of problems in Kilis? 
With the start of the Syrian Civil War, Kilis has been an area of critical importance for Turkey. As I stated before that Kilis is hosting more refugees than its population and this can be a good example for why Kilis has an important role in Turkey. Also, Kilis normally shared it border with Syria but Kilis now has shared its border with 3 different neighbor, ISIS, PYD and Free Syrian Army (FSA). Kilis’ largest neighbor is currently ISIS and this situation explains the overall situation in the region. The ISIS has captured different cities and places in Syria and the terrorist organization’s efficiency increased in the region in terms of terrorist attacks. Also, there is a Coalition against the ISIS and the ISIS announced these countries as an enemy and therefore the ISIS has attacked Turkey to show its power against Coalition countries. Kilis is now the target of terrorist organization and this point may be explained by different points. For example, Kilis has many refugees in its land and most of these refugees are opponent to Esad and ISIS. Although this situation is clear which Kilis has many opponent refugees, the ISIS did not directly attack these refugees, terrorist organization has attacked the centre of Kilis many times. This is a truly incomprehensible situation for me. Another point is that Kilis has not experienced any terrorist attack until the ISIS rockets. The location of Kilis is important for its citizens because the city is the South Eastern Anatolia Region in Turkey, and there was no any terrorist and terrorist attack in this city.
Also, if I evaluate the problems in broader sense, I can blame both the United Nations and NATO because with the beginning of Syrian Civil War, the United Nations did not create a no-fly zone in the region and also they did not care the problem like Egypt and Libya.
In short, the main problem for me is that Kilis is being abandoned by political power. The firing of rockets by the ISIS has started on 18 January and more than 20 people were martyred.
As I stated the problem has started on 18 January and from this time to today, the politicians only says we have taken some steps to protect our citizens but there is no clear evidence to show these measures to us. When we hit their target, they send them day after to Kilis.
3- How can the problem be solved? What is the opinion of Kilis citizens?
As I mentioned, the citizens of Kilis is just waiting the interest and they would like to think that they are not unclaimed or abandoned. Kilis is the same as Egypt, Libya, Myanmar and Palestine and it is even more. The citizens of Kilis was deeply saddened because no one showed the interest to Kilis and they thought that these countries are more important than the homeland. We must look the problem from this way. We have a ties of affection with these countries but Kilis is the heart of Turkey. The city has shared its land with refugees and there was no any problem with them. But both politicians and media did not show any interest to rocket attacks to Kilis like the hosting refugees in its land. 
Some steps must be taken to solve the problem in the region. First of all, politicians and media must show its priority attention to Kilis and the citizens need to believe in it wholeheartedly soul. The citizens of Kilis do not believe any news after the rocket attacks, such as the Turkish Army shooted the targets of the ISISI and the killing of the ISIS militants. Also, it is important to ensuring public confidence in Kilis and the politicians must support and go to Kilis to show their attentions. Besides, the Prime Minister Davutoglu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel went to Gaziantep but did not go to Kilis to see what is happening in the city, and this situation led to deep problems in public. In short, the politicians must take steps to ensure the safety of Kilis and support the citizens with their conversations and visits. 
Lastly, as I stated before that no-fly zone is important for the security of the region.
Mehmet Emin Erendor, Analyst, Strategic Outlook
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