Sat, 23 Mar 2019
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Turkish Stream Has Important Political Results
The meeting of Erdogan and Putin is multidimensional and has different results. The important items of the agenda are Turkish Stream, Akkuyu, visa requirements for Turkish citizens, and Syria. Turkish Stream Natural Gas Pipeline Project was signed during the meeting of Erdogan and Putin, and this was the main important development of the meeting. We can see the result of energy title immediately. Russia takes important steps on energy with Turkey, and this situation can create a new breath on the competition that exist on the energy in the region, because, the energy cooperation between Turkey and Russia cannot be limited only in the Black Sea region. The cooperation can be closely related to Middle East and Mediterranean. Besides, the development of relations and cooperation between Turkey and Russia can positively affect the Syria and Middle East in terms of new political developments. In this context, Turkey and Russia have come to a crucial stage against gas and oil consumptions of Western countries. We can able to observe the collaboration of Turkey and Russia’s effect on the Middle East stability in the coming days. Turkey are going to improve its importance on the energy, but with the new signatures, Turkey gets out of being in the energy corridor and Turkey will now be a hub-centre of energy which uses this advantages in terms of political and economic. The cooperation on the energy between Turkey and Russia will allow the redistribution of the cards, and a new balance will occur. I guess, we will see this reflected in a short time in Syria. The Musul operation can be thought by the decision makers in the region after the cooperation protocols. Turkey is becoming a hub-centre rather than an energy corridor. Azerbaijan has an important role to overcoming political crisis between Turkey and Russia. Turkey’s geographical conditions improve the ability of Turkey on the energy, and Turkey will transport both Caspian Sea and Russia’s natural gas to Europe. Turkish Stream has some important points; Russia leaves aside Ukraine to reach Europe with Turkish Stream project; secondly, Russia believes that Ukraine cannot provide the natural gas transportation safety to Europe in the future; thirdly, Russia would like to have a strong partner for new investments. In this context, Turkey and Russia will make a significant investment during the design of Turkish Stream. To sum up, Turkish Stream has not only had a economic result, it also has political result which are more important than the economic.
Yusuf Çınar, Analyst, Strategic Outlook
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